What We Do

We value your choice of living in the comfort of your home or community and getting the personalized care from skilled professionals. These values come from the founder who has over 30 years of experience in nursing and health care-related services and has extensive experience serving the community in various capacities.

Redeemer Services is devoted to providing the best nursing home relocation services to their clients. The staff at Redeemer Services work with an individualized relocation plans designed to meet the needs of each client and promote a successful nursing home relocation. We value your choice of living in the community and getting the services that you need to maintain your safety and good health.

We also served individuals that will need TBI, CADI, EW, and DD waivers to successfully relocate into the community. In addition, we provide Transitional Services through Moving Home Minnesota Program and waiver services. We have an enormous amounts of resources to serve individuals with, poor rental history, felony, very low income and disabilities.

Our database includes, but is not limited to resources to access damage deposits, household items, furniture, and transportation to meet the needs of our clients. We have a professional staff members at Redeemer Services with medical services background and have extensive experience in both mental health and social services.

In addition, our staff is fluent in several languages including Hmong, Somali, Arabic and English. A diverse staff allow us to meet the cultural needs of a diverse community.

What Makes Our Approach So Special?


Our staff are caring and compassionate professionals. Our attention to detail allows us to identify and respond to your spoken and unspoken needs. Office hours extend beyond five days a week to accommodate flexible schedules and our customers needs when necessary. Our staff works hard to maintain customer dignity while providing the best services in the comfort of your home or community of your choice. We value and respect our customer privacy and uphold confidentiality.