Funding Your Housing and Services

It is very expensive to pay for housing and support services.  It can be a complicated process with lots of paperwork.  Each different option has different costs and a different process.  Redeemer Services can explain what the hidden costs of different housing option and how to pay for them.  

Housing Information

Redeemer Services has been working with individuals dealing with disabilities and health changes for over a decade.  We understand the complexities of housing accessibility and financial funding issues.  With so many options available, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed by all of the marketing

Eviction Expungements

One of the most difficult situations we’ve encountered in our years of housing search is handling an individual in search for a home who has an eviction on their record. Thankfully, we have become skilled at getting the eviction removed and we are able to teach others this valuable skill.

Rent Wise

Rent Wise education is a comprehensive program that provide you with the skills on renting.