Who Is Eligible?

  • Residents of an institution that qualifies for RSC-TCM-TS
  • Those who choose to move into the community
  • Those who choose to receive RSC-TCM services
  • Those clients who are moving out of nursing facilities on waiver or through Moving Home Minnesota (TS-MHM)


What Are the Limitations?

Transitional services are limited to: 

  • A maximum of $3,000 per transition
  • One transition in a 3 year period
  • Essential Furniture: Those costs of essential furniture my not exceed $1,000 of the $3,000 and is limited to purchase of the following: bed frames, mattress and box springs, dressers, dining table and chairs
  • One Time Household Supplies: The cost of one time house hold supplies is limited to a maximum of $300 of the $3,000 and include: cleaning supplies, dishes, drinking glasses, flatware, pots and pans, sheets, towels, related supports
  • Supporters: The Total amount covered for related supports is included in the $3,000 maximum.
  • Payment rate for these supports may not exceed the state Medicaid rate for personal care assistance.
  • Supports are limited to a maximum of 40 hours paid assistance to: Arrange for utilities to be connected
  • Locate a secure a home for the person, move personal items from the licensed setting to the home, purchase one time household supplies and essential furniture (does not include the cost of the items)

Eligible Institutions

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Facilities (NFs)
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for persons with mental retardation or related conditions (ICF/MRs)
  • Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMD) including Regional Treatment Centers licensed as hospitals or Nursing Facilities

Payers Source for Nursing Home Relocation Assistance

Medical Assistance (MA)