Community Relocation


Community Relocation or Housing Access Coordination (HAC)is a governmentprogram provided for free to individuals between the ages of 18 and 65, who are on Medical Assistance (MA)and is service that helps a person find and move to his/her own home. 

Who is Housing Access Coordination (HAC) for?

It is for individuals that currently live in a eligible setting such, adult foster care homes, customized living, unlicensed settings (person’s own home) but what something different.

How does the program work?

Housing Access Coordinator has approximately 100 hours (50 hours for Plan stage and another 50 hours for Find Stage) to find housing and another 50 hours for Move stage to help the individual moved to his/her new home.

What does a Housing Access Coordinator do?

Housing Access Coordinator works with the individual to find them the appropriate housing choice, while coordinating all the other necessary activities required for a successful transition into the community. 

Some activities include: finding funding sources, criminal/housing record expungement, getting a replacement social security card, etc.

Once a suitable placement has been found, depending on the individual’s placement and other relevant criteria, the individual may qualify for Transitional Services. Transitional Services is another service provided for free to individuals that provides up to $3000 worth of items (300 for Household Suppliers, $1000 for Furnishing and $1700 for Movers, Damage Deposits and Application fees etc.) for his/her new home.  

For individuals who do not qualify for Transitional Services, a combination of emergency assistance from the county along with Bridging (A non-profit organization) will fill a lot of the gaps.

How do I get this process started?

You can call us at 651.646.1377; we will help direct you to the appropriate places.