Changing lives in Minnesota.
Since 2007


Putting people first to help them live the lives they would love living, always. 

About Us

Welcome to Redeemer Services, conveniently located near Downtown Saint Paul. Here, our staff knows how to understand exactly what will make your life happier and freer. Our mission is to make it so that the path between you and your goal is clear and we can help you get there fast so you can live it exactly as you've always wanted to. It's about making your life easier, by doing all the hard work for you.


We were founded by an amazing woman that believed in helping every single client she received above and beyond their expectations. Grace Muenyi believed that to have a successful business; you have to put your love and heart into the mission. She would start every day at 8 am and leave work at 6 pm to go home and make dinner for her family. She would work weekends and holidays because she wanted to make sure every single client was moved and happy as fast as possible. When the clients moved, she would spend her personal money to make sure they were well taken care of, had the needed essentials, and all the food they needed until their financials were in order. Needless to say, at Redeemer Services, we were founded on putting people first, and that is our mission till this day.