Changing lives in Minnesota.
Since 2007


Putting people first to help them live the lives they would love living, always. 

About Us

Welcome to Redeemer Services, conveniently located near Downtown Saint Paul. Here, our staff knows how to understand exactly what will make your life happier and freer. Our mission is to make it so that the path between you and your goal is clear and we can help you get there fast so you can live it exactly as you've always wanted to. It's about making your life easier, by doing all the hard work for you.


Founded in 2007 by our late founder, Grace Muenyi the first president and program manager.        Grace Muenyi was the founder and visionary of Redeemer Services Inc.  Building onto her over thirty years in the nursing field she created a company that is focused on putting the client first.  Inspired by her experience working in nursing facilities, she started Redeemer Inc part time in 2007 as she worked at the University of MN Clinical Trial Office working with Bone Marrow transplant registry.  She focused on showing what a quality nursing home relocation service could accomplish. Never settling, she started offering Transitional Services in 2014 and Moving Home MN services in 2015 and Ramsey County contracted Case Management in 2016.


Grace graduated with her nursing degree in her home country of Cameron in 1980 and then received her BS in Nutrition and Dietics in 1990 and her M.Ed in Education with a focus on Nutrition in 1991 from the University of MN. She gained extensive experience working at Nursing Facilities during those years.  Grace has experience working with Public Health departments as a nutritionist and was the Director of Community & Action back in Cameron.  She also wrote and published a book Nutrition for the Family – A Practical Guide to Nutrition and Health  in 1994 to improve local malnutrition rates.  She worked at the University of MN as a Junior Scientist studying Colon Cancer and then as a Clinical Research Associate working with the Bone Marrow Transplant registry.  Grace was very involved in her community and is on several local boards, charities organizations and her local church.  She passed away in 2017.