Since our founding in 2007, Redeemer Services has been heavily involved in training people outside of our organization to better serve the community. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in our focus field of relocation coordination, we have been able to train caseworkers, social workers, and even new companies that would like to offer high quality and effective person-centered based relocation services. Our mission is to offer the highest level of service to our clients and the community that serve their needs, so if we can help you better support the people you work with, please request one of the training we offer below.

Most Training and outreach are provided free or low-cost based on requirements


Case/Social Worker Training

Redeemer Services understands the goal of county or county contracted Case Managers.  We offer training to case workers and social workers to help them better understand the goals, limitation, and processes required for an efficient relocation for everyone involved.  We can also provide different trainings to make sure that your staff are up to date on common client barriers and how to overcome them.


Social Services Company Training

Having over ten years of experience in relocation, and housing issues Redeemer Services is aware of the barriers our clients can face.  We offer training on several different issues and possible solutions to ensure that your clients have the best information and resources available.  We can tailor our trainings to your company’s needs and staffing.


Group Presentation

Educating the public on the services the state offers to assist them is a key part of our goal. Thousands of Minnesotans are not aware of the services the state has put in place to help them find and keep a home and the most independent possible life.  Redeemer Service offers group presentations to cover the topic as well as other useful resources that someone in the community, living in a nursing home, assisted living, group home or who is homeless can utilize.  Redeemer Services believes in education putting the power back into individual hands.  Learning the resources before you need them helps people plan for the future and have more say in their housing choices.

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